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Visualise Your End Results Before Starting Work

Indian Restaurant 3D Computer DesignAs mentioned in previous tips, the creation of an accurate and detailed floorplan and 3D visuals of your desired end results will help you enormously in your quest to achieve those results as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

Finding that your choices don’t work after you have completed work is time-consuming, expensive and frustrating. Often people who have taken the wrong approach and ended up in this situation will give up completely or, worse still, start again but with a similarly mis-guided approach, repeating their failures.  It happens a lot!

If you are happy using general PC applications then there are plenty of fairly cheap home design applications available for home PCs that will do everything you need for any relatively straight-forward home project.  You will find a few of the popular ones in places such as PC World.

These applications are fairly quick to learn and enable you to create your floorplan, choose your colours, position your furniture and lighting and view and change the results in 3D. These types of applications are always limiting when it comes to more demanding projects and arranging finer details, but are great for visualising the smaller domestic interior design project.

At Sunset Interior Design we use professional architectural and design software to produce detailed plans and photo-realistic 3D imaging and walkthroughs for our customers.  Larger domestic and commercial projects demand computer software of incredible versatility, flexibility and quality.  This certainly does not come cheaply, but to meet our clients’ requirements and produce our high standard of work it is essential.

If you would like any help with your domestic or commercial interior design or decorating projects, however small or large, please contact us and we will be delighted to work with you.  We offer a professional, friendly, personal and affordable service to every one of our customers and are here to help you achieve your desired results first time and within budget.

Linda Mills
Sunset Interior Design, Sheffield Interior Designers