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Kitchen Interior Design Advice and Tips

Kitchen DesignKitchens are arguably the most important room in a home.  Often they are a focal point for not only cooking but also eating meals and entertaining.

A kitchen’s design should take into account all the functions and uses required of it.  The owner’s lifestyle, entertaining requirements, cooking and food preparation habits, types of appliances, ventilation, storage and its access and, most importantly of all, safety all need taking into account.

A kitchen needs to be a blend of quality, style and practicality. It should be designed with all the above areas and the available space in mind from the outset.  It is amazing how many kitchens appear to be ‘off-the-shelf’ and shoe-horned into an existing space with no consideration for design or practicality.

The amount of time spent in kitchens dictates special care when designing them.  Any initial small annoyances, an inconvenient layout, poor lighting, lack of workspace, insufficent power points or storage areas will quickly become major headaches in no time at all.

There are also many rules and regulations that need considering when designing kitchens.

Our advice is always to consult professionals when designing kitchens.  There are simply so many things to think about and that could go wrong that trying to muddle your way through can be an intensely frustrating and expensive experience.

Sunset Interior Design are trained kitchen designers and can work with you from initial concepts, planning, design and illustration right through to project managing the installation.  We take the guesswork out of kitchen design and ensure you get the stylish, practical and functional room you desire and need.

If you would like any help with your domestic or commercial interior design or decorating projects, however small or large, please contact us and we will be delighted to work with you.  We offer a professional, friendly, personal and affordable service to every one of our customers and are here to help you achieve your desired results first time and within budget.

Linda Mills
Sunset Interior Design, Kitchen Designers for Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire