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Make Sure Everyone Is In Agreement

austin-powers-themed-bedroomIt’s amazing how many people make design decisions without consulting or agreeing them with other people who use the same space.

Everybody has different tastes and different ideas about design.  Everyone has opinions and ideas to bring to the table.  It is therefore essential that if you’re designing a space that will be used by more than one person that everyone has their say.

If two people have different preferences for colours and styles, an interior designer can create a design that is pleasing to both.  Sometimes an eclectic mix is the solution but it has to be done very carefully.

Some people find it very hard to visualise a proposed design and therefore hard to have an opinion until the project has progressed so far that it’s too late to change.  This is why producing 3D imaging of proposed designs and obtaining samples of products, materials and paints before starting work is a huge advantage to everybody concerned.

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Linda Mills
Sunset Interior Design, Interior Designers for South Yorkshire and Derbyshire