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Hallway Interior Design Advice and Tips

Hallway Interior DesignHallways are typically the first space you enter in a property, but are so often neglected.  A hallway needs to reflect the overall feeling you wish to get when entering a property, but they are often poorly designed and poorly lit spaces.  Your feelings and mood will be affected either positively or negatively when entering a property depending on how well the hallway design has been executed.

Lighting is a common problem in hallways, often suffering from a lack of natural light and large, non-reflective surfaces.  Mirrors can make a huge difference.  A large, well proportioned mirror positioned to reflect any available light is an easy addition and can both reflect more light and add to the illusion of more space.

If there are windows in the hallway, ensure they aren’t covered by materials that block out any of the available light.  If the windows don’t have patterned, privacy glass in them then consider using a frosting spray or very light voile material to ensure privacy is maintained without affecting the light entering the hallway.

The hallway design should not be considered in isolation. There will be a number of different rooms leading off from the hallway.  It may well be possible to see into a number of these rooms when in the hallway and conversely see into the hallway from each of those rooms.  Having conflicting design in these areas will therefore not be pleasing on the eye and will detract from the overall design and feeling of the property.

One of the biggest temptations in day-to-day living is to clutter up the hallway.  Leaving various items and clothing around in a hallway is a surefire way to create a negative feeling when entering the property and making the space feel much smaller, so clear the clutter away.  This is especially important if your hallway space is quite limited to start with.  The smaller the hallway the clearer and less cluttered it should be kept.

When considering flooring for a hallway, remember it must be practical to cope well with water and dirt being brought in from outside.  The wrong choice of flooring for such a heavily used area will result in it deteriorating rapidly. Also consider robust, wipeable paints and wall coverings for this high-traffic area.

At Sunset Interior Design we bring our expert design skills to help ensure you achieve the most from your hallway, both from a practical and design point-of-view, bearing in mind all the points raised above.  We offer a complete one-stop design and decorating service, from design to completion, if desired.

If you would like any help with your domestic or commercial interior design or decorating projects, however small or large, please contact us and we will be delighted to work with you.  We offer a professional, friendly, personal and affordable service to every one of our customers and are here to help you achieve your desired results first time and within budget.

Linda Mills
Sunset Interior Design, Sheffield Interior Designers