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How Will You Use The Space?

2D Computer Generated FloorplanIt is very important when designing any space to consider not only the overall look, but also the practicalities of using that space on a day to day basis.

While you are considering the overall look and feel that you would like to achieve, also pay attention to how you will use the space and imagine, in as much detail as possible, actually being in that space and doing the things you know you will need or want to do.

This can help you identify any problems regarding the layout of the space and positioning of various elements.  Do doors open the right way?  Is there enough space around furniture? Is there enough natural light and sufficient opening windows? Will there be enough electrical points?  Are the surfaces, fabrics and flooring suitable for the uses they will be subjected to?  Is there enough storage?

The better you can imagine yourself in the new space and even act out your use of it the more potential issues you will be able to identify and avoid problems further down the line.

Create yourself a floorplan, to scale, of your required design so you have something accurate to refer to at all stages of the project and to avoid any confusion when working with suppliers and contractors.

At Sunset Interior Design we always try hard from the outset to understand how our customers imagine using their new space and what their expectations are of it.  We then bring our expertise to discuss design options, bearing in mind the look, feel, practicality and, importantly, any necessary rules and regulations, to finalise a professionally produced floorplan and 3D imaging.

If you would like any help with your domestic or commercial interior design or decorating projects, however small or large, please contact us and we will be delighted to work with you.  We offer a professional, friendly, personal and affordable service to every one of our customers and are here to help you achieve your desired results first time and within budget.

Linda Mills
Sunset Interior Design, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire Interior Designers