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Bathroom Interior Design Advice and Tips

Bathroom Interior DesignBathrooms should blend together pleasure and practicality in equal measure.  Often they are places of indulgence and relaxation as well as being spaces for the obvious day to day essentials.

In recent years people have been placing more and more importance on the quality, size and number of bathrooms in a property when considering its value.

Personal preference and lifestyle play a large part in determining bathroom design, but increasingly these days consideration needs to be given to energy and water efficiency.  Up until very recent times bathrooms have been a major source of wasted water and energy.  Modern bathroom technologies take these issues into account and should be incorporated wherever possible.

When deciding on your preferred design and style for your bathroom, you must bear in mind the overall space available and the way the bathroom will be used from the outset.  Do you want a luxurious spa bath, or will a shower suffice? What about a wet room?  Is there enough space to implement your ideas without compromising practicality?  Will you have sufficient, accessible storage for both day-to-day and less used items?  An accurate floor-plan and 3D visualisation will help in these design decisions.

Special consideration should be given to the flooring, materials and textures used in bathrooms bearing in mind they will be subjected to water directly and a damp atmosphere for long periods of time.  Flooring should not become extremely slippery when wet and other materials and textures should not trap moisture to encourage mould growth.

Privacy and adequate ventilation are also extremely important considerations.  Good ventilation is essential to prevent mould growth in damp locations.

In terms of heating, bear in mind that users of bathrooms will often be partially or fully undressed so sufficient heating is essential.  A tiled floor will feel cold unless under-floor heating is fitted. A heated towel rail will solve the problem of cold, damp towels and also double as a radiator.

If you have a small space, you will want to incorporate design ideas that help give the illusion of making the room bigger.  The use of mirrors is very common and there are many optical illusions that can be used as discussed in one of our earlier posts.

Careful use of lighting can ensure the room is well lit for practical purposes and also able to create the desired ambience for relaxation.

It is extremely important to abide by the various rules and regulations applying to bathrooms, especially where electrics are involved.  All fittings and switches must be approved for use in such locations.

Paint selection is also important and paint produced for use in rooms subject to moisture should be used.  Paint is also available to help prevent against mould.

Introduce a feature plant into a bathroom to relieve the hardness of other materials typically used in rooms which can at times feel a little sterile.  There are many plants available that will thrive in a damp atmosphere without much daylight.

Sunset Interior Design can bring our design expertise to help bring to life your ideal bathroom, utilising expert design to make best use of the space available and making sure the room meets your needs for practicality and your desires for style and relaxation.  We can provide a complete one-stop service from design through to completion if desired.

If you would like any help with your domestic or commercial interior design or decorating projects, however small or large, please contact us and we will be delighted to work with you.  We offer a professional, friendly, personal and affordable service to every one of our customers and are here to help you achieve your desired results first time and within budget.

Linda Mills
Sunset Interior Design, Bathroom Designers for Sheffield, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire